About me

I’ve always described myself (quite unflatteringly) as a bird of bigger proportions – this covers more than the size of my ass; my personality, attitude and bra size!

I’m an uber administrator who can turn her hand to anything (the current fling being with Human Resources, recruitment and training but I have an interest in business in general). I manage three businesses, none of which I own. As of today I’m staring straight down the barrel of 40 and I have spent the last ten months “embracing” my natural silver highlights after a rather nasty reaction to my holy grail bright red.

More recently I’ve needed to get to grips with a new hormonal landscape (which according to the lovely nurse “happens about our age”). I would say this excess heat – bearing in mind I’m writing this in January – would be welcome, but it only ever happens indoors and even then I look like someone who just completed their first marathon (I kid you not, I drip – like I’ve just stepped out of the shower drip!).

I’m married and the proud owner of three teens. We are a family of animal lovers (and hoarders – if it needs a home or it has a good sob story it winds up here). I once chased a scalp-less pheasant around the garden with oven gloves to save it from certain death, not to mention the eight baby hedgehogs that were “rescued” by our then dog who brought them lovingly to me as they were clearly in need. Our children have kept slow worms and snails as pets until they were replaced by a reasonably large python. My only rule? Nothing with more than four legs.

Like everyone else I strive to get this parenting, life work balance thing right, often feel like I’m failing but every now and then getting a glimpse that I might have nailed it. The kids’ friends seem to think I’m cool (yay, win for me!) and I’m trying to leave a little behind for when I’m eventually gone.

So why the blog? Well, this space is for me – to unload, share some tips that may help others, or just to be the one to remind you that you’re not the only one (it won’t, by the way, someone has always been there first and unfortunately someone will be suffering the same long after you have moved on). Mix that with beauty and make-up bits that I and my friends have enjoyed (or hated for that matter), hopefully some guest blogs by those who I find interesting.

Career tips, or tips for how to hire right (I work both sides of that treacherous fence and see it only fair to offer up the expertise). Oh, and food, I haven’t maintained this luscious figure without trying some good food (I’ll confess I’m a huge Nigella fan and have several adapted recipes that have made it into my own handwritten reference book) and a few tips on how to make yourself – at least occasionally – look like a domestic goddess (or god – this isn’t just for girls!).

I will no doubt rant (I don’t expect agreement and have not been known to be backwards in coming forward). On the whole, this is a snapshot of me, my little melting pot – after all why should we settle for wanting the moon on a stick, when we can strive to have Jupiter on a Toothpick?


Paula x