Cleansing hits and misses

When it comes to cleansing I used to be the one with greasy skin using the most astringent or scrubby face wash to strip my skin to a squeaky clean finish. Well  Madame Hirons put that right by the concept of the double cleanse and the fact that I was making my skin worse by trying to dry it out, breakouts dry skin patches around my eyes – I looked like a scaly panda.

I discovered how nice it was and how clean it felt to use oils to cleanse with, I now look forward to an evening of oil and hot flannels, the feeling of clean but not tight skin.

So the basic premise of the double cleanse is to remove the make up and crap off your face in the evening, then cleanse the skin itself – deeply with an oil or balm to unclog pores and moisturise the skin.

So I have tried a few cleansers, so far I keep coming back to the same one. So here’s my older woman, greasy skinned take on a few of the cleansers I was willing to try, i.e. the high street affordables! Just as a quick note my first cleanse is whichever micellar water I’m currently playing with, so far I’ve never bought the same one twice.

Una Brennan Skin Facialist Skin Renew Cleansing Oil – I grabbed this on the off-chance in Boots, my favourite cleanser is an oil just like this so I had high hopes. It smells like orange Opal Fruits (yes I said Opal Fruits, I don’t care what you say they will never be Starburst to me) or that shopping centre public toilet citrus air freshener – neither are scents that I’m excited about. Getting past that, the oil is good at breaking down left over makeup, and comes off well with a hot flannel. For me it felt gritty (how an oil can be gritty I don’t know) but it’s not as silky as my top choice. It does the job and if you like oranges well worth a try, not badly priced at about £11.

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm – I will admit I didn’t purchase this one as the price tag does make me wince (around £36 per pot, she does a giant pot at just over £50). This was on my try list and usefully in the 2016 M&S Advent calendar (that’s a worthy purchase as well peeps!). the bloggers rave about this, Hirons is a fan too. Moringa is not a scent that I like either apparently. To me it smells like car Turtle Wax. brought back memories of helping polish my grandad’s car way back when I could be bothered to do those kinds of things. Anyhoo, again scent aside I liked the thick greasy texture, smooth and felt nice to massage into the skin, again felt good after the hot cloth was done. I would even consider purchasing (even at that price) if she made another flavour – rose would be good, ya know, just in case your reading.

Sanctuary Warming Cleansing Butter Balm – I love Sanctuary Spa, head over heels for the scent, so I had high expectations.
They were dashed.
I was intrigued by the warming, also confused as the instructions say to keep clear of eyes… NEWSFLASH – THAT’S WHAT I’M BLOODY CLEANSING AT NIGHT PEOPLE!! Yes I went in, I cleansed in my usual get it in there, get it over kinda way, yes it went near my eyes. I may as well have cleansed with vapour rub, this is in the league of washing your nether regions with Original Source Mint & Teatree. But wait, the experience got worse… It’s the texture of Vaseline. It didn’t melt down well at the point of the hot cloth so I felt like I couldn’t get rid of it, perpetual wiping left me feeling greasy, sticky and all the wrong kind of fresh. I’m not really sure of the idea behind it, even when it warmed it was barely noticeable (unless you were an eyeball). If you want warming stick to the Bodyshop Warming Mineral Mask. This was so bad I didn’t even pass it on for my daughter’s to use. *It hit the rim of the bin and went in!*. £12 Wasted.

Bodyshop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil – So here it is. My number one (so far anyway). I’ve repurchased at least five times. I get twitchy when it runs low.
Its silky.
It destroys makeup – I mean late night, can’t be bothered, just chuck it on.
It has a delicate scent – no public toilets or synthetic fruits here.
It’s seriously reasonable on price at £12 it lasts for around two months and I’m a heavy handed user.
It’s nice and light for morning use as well. I feel cleansed, moisturised and ready for makeup.

I have nothing more to say. Just happy cleansing!

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