Dalmatian Foundation

I’m planning to write a series of blogs recommending different foundations for different skin types as I have found that mine has changed significantly over the past couple of years. So this is blog 1 (I’ll address the title later as you’ll find out).

So, here goes!

People who know me well will know that I have battled cystic acne for about 10 years and anyone who has shared the struggle (yes, it’s a struggle) will know that finding the right foundation that A. Doesn’t melt off your face like butter B. Provides a masking coverage and C. Won’t continue to clog your pores can be an absolute nightmare. So I have spent a lot of my teen years and early twenties hopelessly devoted (yeah, I quoted Grease, see what I did there?) to Estée Lauders’ classic Doublewear Foundation. That was until I came to realise (about 4 years too late) that the heavily talc based formula was just suffocating my skin and therefore not allowing it to repair itself. That combined with the monumental task of getting it off every damn night just got too much for me. So, I am now past my acne phase through the help of a little pill called roaccutane (this is some hefty stuff with some serious side effects but I’ll write about that in another blog) but I initially found that my first post-acne barrier was finding a different foundation as my skin was suddenly no longer greasy and even though I wanted good coverage, I didn’t really want to ‘mask’ my face. Knowing I didn’t have acne anymore automatically changed the way I perceived myself and I became less conscious of my scarring; it’s part of who I am at the end of the day.

So the first foundation I wanna talk about is Lancome’s Teint Miracle.

I’d like to start by stating that the ONLY thing about this foundation that might resemble a miracle is the fact that it still has a place on my makeup desk.

I have fair skin with a yellow undertone so I bought the lightest shade (shade 01) which at the time of purchase was too dark. (They need to make some lighter shades for the English Roses, just sayin’).

Application was easy (tone, moisturise blah blah) I just used a Beauty Blender and coverage wasn’t bad…

Half way through the day, still not looking too bad.

Oh hang on, is that rain?

The bottle states that this foundation is oil free, so I can only assume that the formula is water based because the second a drop of rain hit my face it left a solid white spot where the water literally dissolved the foundation. Hence the title Dalmatian Foundation (aptly suggested by a friend as that was the only way she could describe how my face looked).

My colleagues may describe me as “emotionally unstable” ‘cos I cry at EVERYTHING, so tears also contributed to the test and unfortunately the streaky lines down my face eventually forced me to remove my makeup.

Longevity in this foundation is non existent and for that reason I would not recommend it at all. It comes with a price tag of around £25-£30 so I’m sure you can imagine that I wasn’t impressed.

The bottle (which is actually quite nice and looks expensive) looks the part but you will also notice that the bottle is FULL and I believe I purchased this around January this year (says it all really).

I’d give this a 3/10. Probably (hopefully) the worst review I’m ever going to write for a foundation.

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