Expensive Oils

I love facial oils. But finding something I like balanced with price is hard.

I use oil cleansers I use facial oils, but finding a facial oil that does the job, without clogging pores or causing a reaction / breakout can be hard. I’ve tried all sorts cheap to mid range, but to actually push the boat out on the pricey (possibly holy grail) products took quite a bit.

Sunday Riley is renowned for facial oils, Luna is heralded as the ultimate over night miracle fixer. The problem? The price tag. At £85 it’s right up there (for me anyway). So Black Friday last year I snagged myself a deal from Blow Ltd on a discounted bottle of Artemis (usually £60 this was the only place I could find it discounted, well discounted to a more comfortable – yet still pricey in my book – £45).

Like the review on Tidal, a bottom of the jar blog I believe is only fair – my problem? Since November I’m only half way through. And yes I use it it daily!!

I’ve fallen for it. I’m hooked. Prescription? 3 drops before bed (after the gospel double cleanse) and again in the morning under my make up – yes under foundation, yes on my slightly wrinkly oily fisog.

So can I justify the full price? Would I try any other oils? YES!!

Let’s get some perspective – it took three months to get through Tidal at a cost of £60. Six months down the line and only half way through?  double the PPW – maths is not my strongest point but this bottle of yellow loveliness should last me twelve months PPW value £5 per month. Well ladies product price justified!!

How does it perform? What does it do? It feels nourishing without being greasy, the smell is something I would imagine ye olde worlde Apothecary shop to smell like, lemony, herby, earthy. What happens to the skin? I’m not sure, but make up goes on better (no primer here) and I notice if I don’t put it on. Colleagues have commented that my skin looks better;  my make up – which hasn’t changed – sits better and it gives it all a slightly polished look.

The biggest downer on this whole thing is that Artemis has just been replaced by UFO, discontinued, put out to pasture. So now the dilemma is which oil to choose next! Bring it on Sunday, who’s next?!

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