Loved Up Or Loved Out?

So this week we have celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary and marked the occasion by going out to dinner for the first time in 8 years.

Sounds awful right? 8 years no dinner date? Let me make this clear. We go out to dinner just the two of us at least every other month. However our wedding anniversary happens to be on Valentine’s Day. There it is, the clincher, the reason for our anniversarial misery.

Eating out on Valentine’s is like trying to eat on a moving carousel. Mainstream restaurants aren’t offering the most romantic experience of your life, they just want as many romantic couples through their door as they can manage – it’s about how many covers they can cram into one single evening. I can’t vouch for the expensive restaurants – really not my scene and I am a realist, and as it’s just dinner I don’t want to spend more than £80 for the two of us for just one night (indigestion is getting expensive!).

So… why go out after all this time? Quite simply my favourite steak place opened for an extra night (usually only open from Thursday to Sunday). It’s one of the few places that only has two sittings so no turnstyle eating there! The food is always good, they have a reasonably priced menu and great service – I’m one happy little bunny.

But is that the only reason for not going out? Am I just getting old and miserable? Or is it after 19 years we have relaxed into a comfortable dance?

To be honest I’m not entirely sure, it was bad enough trying to pick an anniversary card from all the gushing expensive crap (let’s get real the card gathers dust for a week before gracing the recycling bin). Worse still trying to find him a present that wasn’t covered in hearts, chocolate or a pointless screwdriver (although he does get excited about integral torches for some reason…) – thankfully he wanted a coffee machine so that was pretty easy (although now I wish I’d bought a cow as well as we go through 12 pints of milk a week!).

I think we have got to the point where it’s just nice to spend the day together, to get each other a meaningful present (edible underwear, vouchers for sexual favours and chocolates went out of the window years ago) and enjoy a nice meal be that out or lovingly cooked at home.

So I think in regard to our anniversary at least we have actually achieved getting that bloody Jupiter to sit quite nicely on that toothpick. I think maybe I’m so commercially loved out I can truly be loved up!


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