Let’s Talk Lippies…

I’m so excited to share our first guest blog by our lovely Green Eyed Girl!

So when Jupiteronatoothpick asked me to do a review on some new products that I had recently picked up, I jumped at the chance. Let’s face it, who doesn’t search the internet for reviews and swatches to determine whether something is really worth purchasing or not. Normally I will be one of those scouring the internet but when something is revealed as limited edition I have to have it! So when it was revealed that Charlotte Tilbury would be releasing 2 new lipsticks in the form of Valentine and Pillow Talk, I knew they would be mine.img_0383

First things first we need to talk about the packaging. I opted for basic delivery with no fancy gift box. Unless I was going to be picking up a ton from them I wouldn’t opt for the gift wrap. Their customer service is a little bit hit and miss, having received my dispatch email before my order acknowledgment email.  They have a very handy shade tester on their website which lets you see the colour paired with your skin tone before buying. LIFE SAVER! There is nothing worse than buying expensive makeup, only to find it doesn’t suit you (I know, first world problems and all that).

Now for the lipsticks…

Charlotte Tilbury's Valentine

First up is Valentine which was named by fans on Instagram and is a beautiful petal-rose pink colour, which is so wearable and completely comfortable on the lips. It’s a beautiful classic shade that pairs well with various looks and is suitable for both work as well as evenings out. It’s feminine and flirty. I was worried about picking this one up as having a very fair skin tone (I’m so pale that I went on holiday last year and came back an off cream) some pinks can be hard to wear as they are a little bit too Barbie pink. As it is from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range it is nourishing on the lips and is buildable so you never have to worry about cakey-ness that you can sometimes get.

Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow TalkPillow Talk, this one is the lipstick version of the cult Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat of the same name. It is a gorgeous nude pink colour, which again is so easy to wear and pair with various looks. This is a ‘your lips but better’ shade that everybody wants. As it is from the Matte Revolution range it is long-lasting on the lipsticks, however due to this formula I find it a bit too drying on the lips, even though I put a ton of lip balm on before, so this isn’t exactly the most comfortable to wear all day. This one could be comparable to MAC’s Velvet Teddy, which I absolutely love, and is a bit browner toned but something I can wear comfortably all day.

Now for the important stuff, would I recommend these?

My answer to that is a big fat YES! I feel that if you love lipsticks then you most definitely need these in your collection. I’m pretty sure that there are plenty of dupes on the high street (Make Up Revolution is the go to place for most, they are a pretty incredible brand and make plenty of decent dupes for products), if you wanted the look but not necessarily the price tag!

At £24 retail price they are in the luxury make up bracket, and these are exclusive to Charlotte Tilbury website and Flagship store (Covent Garden and Westfield White City).

I’m off to prepare my Charlotte Tilbury wish list; top of that is Bitch Perfect which is in the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range.


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