Tidal – The Empty Review

Sunday Riley’s Tidal – It’s all gone!

Seems fitting that a product, if it’s going to be raved about, should be thoroughly used, abused and emptied before any one puts finger to keyboard. This is such an occasion, as a matter of fact a very sad one.

A friend gave me some samples after a trip to the USA (well before it got ruined) of Sunday Riley’s Tidal. Like most I have been mooning after the acclaimed Luna and so was excited (probably a little too much for a couple of millilitres of blue cream) to remove the thick layer of slap and smear on what could be my next skin care vice.

I admittedly have never understood when these bloggers and vloggers talk about “the experience” of using a product – for me it either was nice and did the job or crap and passed to one of the kids to get my money’s worth. This was ‘that‘ product.

For some context my skin is a little more mature than a twenty-something but not as much as an octogenarian. I am leaning toward the oilier end of the spectrum than the dry however can be quite sensitive (pretty much the only bit of me that is!), with various outbreaks of hormonal spottiness, so I’ve only ever known hydration to be greasy creams and so had avoided for quite some time.

Anyway, I sparingly slather on this pale blue cream… OMG, so this is the experience they all talk about. It genuinely felt like water had got under my skin, proper water based hydration…

Fresh, cooling, lightly fragrant hydration.

Two samples lasted me four days… This was now on a list, so I head to every online beauty store to check this out. Disappointment. The price tag is more than I have ever spent on a beauty product. More than I have ever spent on jeans or at that point a handbag.

Again a bit of context, I earn a decent wage but the years of being frugal while I wasn’t working are hard left behind – I mean £60, that’s clothing for the kids, that’s date night paid for, hell it’s a full tank of petrol!

Thankfully I work with some very nice people, so when my birthday came around this was top of the list for them. I was a very pleased woman!

So this jar of wonderful (bouncy, hydrated, clear beautiful skin wonderful) has been used diligently, religiously every single night after a good double cleanse (thank the world for Mrs Hirons for that epiphany!).

This £60 jar has lasted three months, I would say I’m repurchasing, but that frugal conscience set in again. If the cream is this good and Luna is meant to be the epitome let me do some maths. My bottle of Artemis cost £60. This jar cost £60. I’ve used the jar, but I’m only a quarter of the way through the Artemis… On a PPW (price per wear) basis Luna may actually be a more pocket friendly purchase – PPW BTW is our standard way of purchase justification.

So now a dilemma, do I grab Luna? Do I go again with Tidal? Or should I just try something else just to be sure?

Answer: I’ve made a bulk purchase from Deciem for The Ordinary – because if I didn’t try the new stuff, what would I write about!


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