So this is us…

So at the moment we are three. We work together. We are different in age, colouring, skin type, hair type and style.

Let me introduce the Jupiter ladies.


Jupiter – there’s more about me on the About page but this is my little hobby / pastime. I’m tight, I don’t like spending money but when I do, I do.

Skin – aging, fine lines, large pores, greasy t-zone and prone to break outs that are generally hormonal. fair to medium skin tone with yellow undertones

Hair – now untreated due to allergies, very fine, grey with silver hi-lights so I use a lot of product to keep it a little funky.



GreenEyedGirl – Addicted to handbags and shoes – her most prized possession is her pair of classic black Louboutin’s.

Skin – Slightly dry skin proper English rose and burns very easily – her version of a tan? Off-cream.

Hair – Brown colour treated fine hair, uses heated stylers so repairing and preventing damage is top of the list.




StaticAintSexy – Small clothing and handbag addiction loves colour both in clothing and in makeup.

Skin – Used to have cystic acne so knows that territory well, after some hefty treatment still getting used to what her skin wants and needs. Fair to medium with a stronger yellow undertone.

Hair – colour treated wavy hair, tends to get really greasy at the roots and typically very dry ends.









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