“He’s her Lobster”

I don't mind Scarlett Johansson being on his 'laminated list' and he doesn't mind Tom Hardy being on mine (let's be fair they are both far too international...). It means that if I appreciate another male form there is no panic that I'm leaving, no jealousy, because we both know where we are coming back to.

Dalmatian Foundation

I'm planning to write a series of blogs recommending different foundations for different skin types as I have found that mine has changed significantly over the past couple of years. So this is blog 1 (I'll address the title later as you'll find out)

Bird on a Train

I don't remember things being so crammed. I don't remember not being able to hear myself think. I'm currrently tucked in a coffee shop about five minutes from where I need to be, the classical music providing a much needed soothing atmosphere.

Lad’s Night Out

I'm being plied with diet cola, which with a bladder like mine (one that has been hammered by carrying three extra large kids) is a big mistake - I sneeze and the place will need a bulge pump to save it.