Bird on a Train

I don't remember things being so crammed. I don't remember not being able to hear myself think. I'm currrently tucked in a coffee shop about five minutes from where I need to be, the classical music providing a much needed soothing atmosphere.

Lad’s Night Out

I'm being plied with diet cola, which with a bladder like mine (one that has been hammered by carrying three extra large kids) is a big mistake - I sneeze and the place will need a bulge pump to save it.

chicken Kebab with sauce

Kebab Night!

Kebab! Well I say kebab, no kebab skewer in sight (mainly as I have been known to be dangerous around sharp implements), just my take on what I would (if I were) to go to the local take out (which I havn't done in years as my days of rockin' into the local kebaberie after a heavy night have long since passed).

Hair Today

Well I'm sitting in the salon awaiting my turn in 'The Chair'. As usual my stylist (and bestie) is running late. LIFE FACT: if your stylist always runs late they are a keeper! That means they want you to look good before you leave and they really take pride in their work.  Hair has always … Continue reading Hair Today